3w Led Grow Lights



Full spectrum 3w led grow lights allows these high PAR led grow lights to grow large  healthy  plants capable of sustaining large yields with an increase in quality and still achieve a huge reduction in electricity bills.

These 3w led grow lights achieve ...Read more 


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View our customers own grow videos sent to us and posted on our You-Tube Channel - LedFusionUK  or come and visit us at  Facebook - LedFusionUK






5w Led Grow Lights



W e were the first in the UK to release 5w led grow lights and our ranges of high PAR led grow lights now achieve 1g/W+ and grow some of the healthiest and heaviest yielding plants grown under led grow lights ...  Read more ...


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It has come to our attention that our lights could be used for growing plants which are illegal in the UK. This would therefore be breaking Section 6 of the UK Drugs Act 1971 which makes it illegal to cultivate plants of the genus Cannabis i.e marijuana, cannabis, green, weed etc whatever you want to call it.

We strongly advise our customers against breaking the law, any information given on our site pertaining to the cultivation of marijuana is for the purposes of providing information to our customers in the U.S living in states where cultivation of medical grade marijuana does not break any laws etc .

Breaking the law will result in you receiving a criminal record and having to share a jail cell with a 6foot 6 weighlifter called Mandy who wants to play mummy and daddy every night - and you having a sore bottom every morning - WE HAVE WARNED YOU

Wi-Fi Led Aquarium Lights


The most advanced  led aquarium lights available in the UK, full Wi-Fi connectivity, multi programmable and independant spectral dimming. With spectral wavelengths designed in conjunction with one of the UK's top ...  Read more ..



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Led Torches


Led torches provide crystal clear lighting when its needed most, our led torches use high power Cree leds to guarantee high power, dependable led torchlighting suitable for use in all situations and environments.


Led Dive Torches - Lets you dive deeper than ever before

Tatical Led Torches / Search and Rescue  - Awesome general purpose torches which take massive punishment.

Hunting Torches - High power led  hunting torches bring new lighting levels to huntsmen.

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