The Led Grow Light and Led Aquarium Light Specialist


Since 2009 Led Fusion has been known for supplying high yielding led grow lights   and THE most advanced led aquarium lights  in the UK and Europe.

With our latest additions to our range of led grow lights  and led aquarium lights we have now taken led aquarium lighting to new levels and with our latest led grow lights  now outperforming Hps lighting and exceeding 1g/w we now offer our customers the best led grow lights  in the UK and quite simply the best led aquarium lights  available.


Led Aquarium Lighting

When we released the Aqua Evolution series of led aquarium lights we took the led aquarium lighting  world and gave it a good shake, our next range of led aquarium lights were the Aqua EvoLite led aquarium lights which offered our customers even more choice and greater flexibility and programmability including Wi-Fi control.

We have now raised the bar even further with the release of our most advanced led aquarium light  designed for  professionals by the professionals.

The  Mimic-Pro Led Aquarium Lights




Led Grow Lighting

The release of our new Gro-X5 led grow lights  takes indoor growing to professional levels, we took the most stable and relaible led grow light technology available which is currently 3w led grow light technology. Using this technology as a stable building block we revised and updated every aspect of the led grow light.


The  Gro-X5 led grow lights ratio of spectral wavelengths combine together to produce high PAR readings, the PAR produced by this high yield full spectrum ratio ensures that only 100% usable and targetted PAR is produced  resulting in exposive growth.

The end result is one of the highest yielding led grow lights  available, growers are now exceeding 1g/w using these led grow lights  and are now our best selling PAR led grow light.



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It has come to our attention that our lights could be used for growing plants which are illegal in the UK. This would therefore be breaking Section 6 of the UK Drugs Act 1971 which makes it illegal to cultivate plants of the genus Cannabis i.e marijuana, cannabis, green, weed etc whatever you want to call it.

We strongly advise our customers against breaking the law, any information given on our site pertaining to the cultivation of marijuana is for the purposes of providing information to our customers in the U.S living in states where cultivation of medical grade marijuana does not break any laws etc .

Breaking the law will result in you receiving a criminal record and having to share a jail cell with a 6foot 6 weighlifter called Mandy who wants to play mummy and daddy every night - and you having a sore bottom every morning - WE HAVE WARNED YOU






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