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Since 2009 Led Fusion has been responsible for providing the led grow lighting  for large commercial growers who demand high power ,high PAR led grow lights with enhanced growth and bloom ratios. Our led aquarium lights can be over some of the largest aquariums and aquascaped tanks and provide the professional aquarist / aquascaper the perfect led lighting to increase the visual appeal of their tank.


Why are our led aquarium lights the right choice ?

In conjunction with one of the UK's best known aquascapers we developed a unique lighting ratio for our led aquarium lights ,  providing a strong natural light capable of supporting and growing aquatic plant life and yet still retaining the natural colours and beauty within the tank. Our led aquarium lights  offer you 

  • Full Wi-Fi controllability 
  • Aquarium lights can be "daisy chained" together
  • High PAR and High penertration values
  • Custom support systems provides  lighting for all tank sizes 
  • Suitable for all types of tank - Marine, Planted, Malawi , Freshwater etc ...



Ultra modern concepts and design in aquarium lighting can clearly be seen in our led aquarium lights with each model providing a different approach to modern day aquarium lighting yet all share the high end controlability and Wi-Fi connectivity.


Are you tired of getting poor yields with led grow lights ?

The led grow light requires each and every component to work in perfect synergy with each other to achieve the optimum operating conditions to produce a pure, high yielding, PAR laden light. We have provided professional growers high PAR led grow lights to produce high yielding plants and with our led grow lights being some of the most enegy efficient available vastly reduce energy bills.

Grow using  our led grow lights and benefit from the Unique PAR enhanced bloom ratios which boost the essential flowering wavelengths and send oil and sugar production into over drive.

Yields indicate the effectivness of both the quality of the led grow light  and the effectiveness of  the ratio of spectral wavelengths fitted to the led grow light. Invest in one of our led grow lights and you can  achieve 1g/W + and also benefit from an instant increase in quality and strength - quality products produce quality produce !





Another huge benefit gained from using our led grow lights is improved safety against fire in the grow room area, on board thermal monitoring allows our led growl ights to switch themselves off should safe operating temperatures be exceeded, stops fire before it starts and keeps your grow room safe.


Please join us on Facebook_small    LedFusionUK   OR to see some of our customers results using our led grow lights visit us at  youtube_small   You- Tube  LedFusionUKLedGrowLights  or on Facebook_small LedFusionLedGrowLights



It has come to our attention that our lights could be used for growing plants which are illegal in the UK. This would therefore be breaking Section 6 of the UK Drugs Act 1971 which makes it illegal to cultivate plants of the genus Cannabis i.e marijuana, cannabis, green, weed etc whatever you want to call it.

We strongly advise our customers against breaking the law, any information given on our site pertaining to the cultivation of marijuana is for the purposes of providing information to our customers in the U.S living in states where cultivation of medical grade marijuana does not break any laws etc .

Breaking the law will result in you receiving a criminal record and having to share a jail cell with a 6foot 6 weighlifter called Mandy who wants to play mummy and daddy every night - and you having a sore bottom every morning - WE HAVE WARNED YOU






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