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Led Fusion offers you the  the professionals rely on, buying our led products ensures you are buying high end led lighting products at the cutting edge of both  led technology and energy efficiency. If your looking for the best led light source available no matter what the purpose then we can provide it - Guaranteed !

Led Bulbs are widely available however the led bulbs we sell use the very latest high power 45 mIL led chips, more than that they provide the best led lighting available today. Our dimmable   Led Downlighters offer a range of stylish led downlighters to provide not only the perfect light but also the perfect look.

Led Floodlights offer tremendous increases in light quality and reductions in energy costs, we have a huge range of rechargeable led floodlights , PIR led floodlights , multi colour led floodlights and high power led floodlights to suit all applications that require the very best led lighting you can buy.

We know our led grow lights and we only stock professional grade led grow lights, we deal with all the top led grow light manufacturers and are tied to none so we can remain completely impartial and only sell the very best led grow lights currently available. From the very best performing COB led grow lights or the top performing 3w led grow lights or the latest 5w led grow lights all these grow lights provide the very best led grow lighting available and provide stunning growth during both Vegetative and Flowering stages.

Our ranges of led aquarium lights offer the most advanced aquarium lights available, perfect for all species and tanks plus these aquarium lights  also encourage coral growth both SPS and LPS..

We have probably the largest range of commercial lighting products available and with our range of commercial led lighting  products growing weekly we can provide led lighting solutions for any situation. Supplying led street lighting , led high bay lighting , led stadium lighting , led bulbs and soon to be released garage forecourt lighting and explosion proof led lighting.


Come and visit us on Facebook at  LedFusionUK  OR to see some of our customers results using our led grow lights visit us at You- Tube  LedFusionUKLedGrowLights .