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Thank you for visiting LedFusion, since 2009 we have been supplying you our customers with professional , horticultural grade led grow lights and the most advanced led aquarium lights available in the UK.

We are proud to be Scotlands No1 led grow light and Scotlands No1 led aquarium light supplier.


Your Led Grow Light Review


Does your led grow light provide you with the yields professional growers achieve? 

Are your electricity bills starting to burn a hole in your pocket?


Our professional, horticultural grade led grow lights are designed specifically to allow you to maximise the yield potential of your plants, professional growers know that led grow lights can achieve huge yields when professional high powered led grow lights are used with specific targetted full spectrum spectral wavelength blends.

We offer led grow light ranges that are the same led grow lights that the professionals use to grow big ,large yielding plants.  Buy one of our professional, horticultural grade led grow lights and benefit from professionally researched spectral wavelengths and ratios designed to provide you with led grow lights that specifically target the spectral responce mechanism of the plant that are essential to achieve large yields.

Our high power led grow lights  are some of the most energy efficient led grow lights available and will save you money from the minute they are switched on,  REDUCE THOSE BILLS  and BOOST YOUR YIELDS to the level of professional growers.  


Led Aquarium Lights

The range of  led aquarium lights we offer you are the most advanced range of led aquarium lighting available in the UK today,  for both professional and hobbyist aquarium enthusiasts you simply cannot buy a better led aquarium light.

Our ranges of led aquarium lights offer you the most advanced led lighting timer control and programmimg control available on led aquarium lighting currently available, as well as offering you the most advanced technologically advanced led aquarium light they are also some of the most visually attractive led aquarium lights you can buy.

With the option to specify different wavelengths and ratios to enable these led aquarium lights to be used above marine tanks, reef tanks, coral tanks and freshwater aquariums these aquariums rightly deserve the UK's Best Led Aquarium Light title.


Led Floodlights, Led Ceiling Lights and Other Led Lighting

We have recently starting offering other  products to our customers, from led ceiling lights to led floodlights we can now offer you the best led lighting products money can buy. As we continually test all our products new led lighting will be added and existing led lighting ranges will be deleted until we slimline our product range down to exactly what our customers want.


Our Promise to you our customers

From our beginnings we have continually tested and updated our product ranges to ensure that all our products offer our customers the very best performing led grow lights and led aquarium lights available in the UK today. 

We still test and refine our product ranges to ensure we offer only the top performing led products available, now we have expanded our product ranges to include many more led lighting products which we will continually test and update to provide you with the best led lighting products you can buy.


Come and visit us on Facebook_small   Facebook at  LedFusionUK  OR to see some of our customers results using our led grow lights visit us at  youtube_small   You- Tube  LedFusionUKLedGrowLights .






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