High Yielding Led Grow Lights and Wi-Fi Programmable Led Aquarium Lights 


Led grow lights and  led aquarium lights offer the best grow lighting and aquarium lighting available and with a host of benefits over traditional Hps lighting or flourescent tube style lighting 2015 brings true professional high power, high par led grow lighting and led aquarium lights with Wi-Fi connectivity


Invest in led grow lighting with the peace of mind that all our led grow lighting ranges offer reliable, fully guaranteed and fully tested led grow lights with the latest in full spectrum spectral wavelength blends.  The 3w led grow light and 5w led grow light  ranges we offer all provide high PAR readings and are capable of producing large yields whilst reducing both energy consumption and the thermal footprint of the grow light. With our customers achieving 1g/w growing big yields with led grow lights is easily achievable.

Aquarium lights should provide lighting to enhance the look of your tanks inhabitants, plants etc as well as providing the correct conditions for corals to grow, plants to flourish and of course provide your fish with a healthy radiance. Another benefit of our led aquarium lights is the ultra sharp and modern styling which adds to your tanks visual appeal and provides a professional looking solution to your aquarium lighting.


Led Grow Lights

Plants grown with our high power led grow lights benefit from the professionally researched wavelengths which is clearly seen in the way the plants respond to the targetted, high PAR led grow lighting

During the vegetative stages of growth plants grow rapidly and with a smaller internodal distance the production of secondary side branches is prolific, thicker stems and thick side branches develop quickly enabling the structure of a large yielding plant to be grown. As plants approach the end of the vegetative stage the canopy will be a sea of healthy green leaves with an abundance of thick healthy branches and secondary branches.

The flowering or bloom phase is where the difference in our led grow lights can be seen, plants need certain wavelengths for successful growth. Our wavelengths peak on the spectral range at the correct light reactive points for high yielding plant growth, its the blend of our additional wavelegths that harmonise our spectral output which enables plants to display the following benefits -

Plants respond to the flowering wavelengths blend by producing an increase in the amount of bud sites on the plant, stems and branches continue to thicken to allow the plant to transport the nutrients to the top buds. With a very dense healthy foliage developing this allows the plants to absorb the essential wavelength to fuel the explosive growth during flowering. The plants increase in essential oil and sugar production is a result of the effectivness of the wavelengths and is of great importance when growing big yielding plants




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Led Aquarium Lights

Led Aquarium lighting  must be able to provide not only aesthetically pleasing lighting but also provide lighting capable of sustaining  aquatic life, corals and plants, in conjunction with one of the UK's best known aquascapers we developed a unique lighting ratio for our led aquarium lights ,  providing a strong natural light capable of supporting and growing aquatic plant life and yet still retaining the natural colours and beauty within the tank.

Wi-Fi controlled led aquarium lights provide precise lighting control and makes them suitable for all types of aquaria whether its Freshwater, Marine, Lps Corals, Reef Tanks, Malawi Chiclids or planted tanks  etc. Advanced dimmable, cross channel wavelength control allows the natural lighting conditions to be recreated in your tank.




Ultra modern concepts and design in aquarium lighting can clearly be seen in our led aquarium lighting  ranges with each model providing a different approach to modern day aquarium lighting yet all share the high end controlability and Wi-Fi connectivity.

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The NEW Humming Bird led aquarium lights bring a new design and new levels of aquarium lighting,. Advanced Wi-Fi connectivity and controlability makes these led aquarium lights one of the most unique led aquarium lights available.




The NEW Wi-Fi controlled, full spectrum, multi dimmable High PAR Spektrum led grow lights, designed for large scale legal marijuana grows and professional marijuana cultivation.

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It has come to our attention that our lights could be used for growing plants which are illegal in the UK. This would therefore be breaking Section 6 of the UK Drugs Act 1971 which makes it illegal to cultivate plants of the genus Cannabis i.e marijuana, cannabis, green, weed etc whatever you want to call it.

We strongly advise our customers against breaking the law, any information given on our site pertaining to the cultivation of marijuana is for the purposes of providing information to our customers in the U.S living in states where cultivation of medical grade marijuana does not break any laws etc .

Breaking the law will result in you receiving a criminal record and having to share a jail cell with a 6foot 6 weighlifter called Mandy who wants to play mummy and daddy every night - and you having a sore bottom every morning - WE HAVE WARNED YOU